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Lurana Shelter

Emergency shelter and support provided through a 24-hour crisis line and a continuum of holistic services in a safe, supportive environment. A twenty-one day Domestic Violence Program operates within a confidential, high security complex for women with or without children fleeing domestic violence and abuse. Alternatives to living with violence are explored with both women and their children. Front Line workers include: Crisis Intervention Workers and Child Support Workers.

Through education, counseling and support for victims of all ages, we facilitate empowerment with a goal to decrease the incidence, reoccurrence and intergenerational cycle of domestic violence. Our client centered support service involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma. This intervention emphasizes physical, psychological and emotional health, and helps survivors rebuild a sense of control, well-being and empowerment.

Confidential services including crisis intervention, case management, child support, support groups, housing support, advocacy, psychological counseling and a registered nurse. Lurana Shelter staff work with women and children to address the lingering effects of abuse through support sessions related to safety planning, independence, self-esteem, health and wellness, healthy relationships and boundaries.

Comprehensive services are provided according to the specified needs of each individual.

Community partnerships and collaborations are very important for supporting clients. Lurana Shelter looks forward to developing additional supports. A couple of examples of partnerships: Psychologists (YWCA); Interpreters

Innovative Childcare 

The Innovative and accredited Child Care Program consists of a multidisciplinary team that utilizes relevant and up to date trauma informed practices; in creating a space that provides emotional and physical safety. The child care center was developed with the intention of supporting children through their healing process by creating a welcoming space that mimics a healthy home environment. Within the space areas have be created to support children in differing domains creating a holistic approach. These areas include the reading center, building area, art center, dramatic center and gym space which support literacy, cognitive, socio-emotional & physical growth.

The program worked hard to create a snoezelen room to support children in learning healthy options and regulating themselves. Both the spaces and the practices used are intentional in reducing challenging behaviors by role modeling healthy alternatives and using developmentally appropriate sensitive skills. Each team member knows and understands the value in healthy relationships, ensuring that their daily interactions with children promote positive relationship with others. The Innovative Child Care Program continues to be committed to serve children and families experiencing domestic violence and trauma.


Our Outreach Programs provide follow-up to women and children after they leave the emergency shelter as well as those who, for a wide variety of reasons, do not enter the shelter.

Adult Outreach encourages women to become informed of community supports available in their neighborhood. Safety plans are reviewed and revised as needed. Outreach may also act as a liaison when working with other agencies.

Youth Outreach provides outreach and intervention to at-risk children and youth on issues of self esteem, dealing with feelings of anger and aggression without resorting to violence and making healthy choices. Lurana Shelter Society integrates the “40 Developmental Assets” strategy of using positive experiences and qualities that help influence the choices of children and youth and help them become caring, responsible, successful adults.

Community Outreach provides emotional and practical supports for those in the community who have not been in the shelter. Supports can include introduction to community resources, safely planning, and liaising with other agencies.

Intensive Case Management

The Intensive Case Management (ICM) Team works within Lurana Shelter Society and builds on existing programming (in shelter and in the community) to provide intentional and intensive specialized support services tailored to the unique needs of women and children leaving family violence and specialized support services for children and youth who have experienced family violence.

The ICM Team provides comprehensive wrap-around services that support women and their children in shelter or transitioning from a shelter to the community. This may include but is not limited to the following services:

  • Mental health and/or addiction referrals
  • Access to an Elder, education and culturally sensitive programming
  • System navigation and service coordination
  • Collaboration with community and social services offices, which may include enabling access to employment support and financial resources

A specialized Housing Coordinator works within the ICM team to provide housing supports and services including developing housing plans, developing relationships with the regional housing authority and local housing management bodies, supporting client/landlord relationships, problem solving to prevent eviction, and improving the client’s capacity to maintain their home.

Also as part of the ICM Team, the Child Trauma Informed Worker provides trauma-informed and specialized support services for children and youth who have experienced family violence. Child Trauma Informed Services support protection, prevention and early intervention activities. This may include: relationship building, parenting support, and child/youth-focused intensive outreach support.

The ICM Team works with existing outreach workers, with shelter staff, and with different service providers to best meet the individual’s and family’s specialized unique needs.

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